Ponder / Press

“It's happening! The Together Project is all coming together! There's 29 days left - you have the opportunity to give an incentive-based donation towards our next album (more money = more rewards for you! Check out the website at http://www.pozible.com/ponder ). In fact, it could also be considered as a cheap pre-ordering system for you! For us, this means that we will be able to fund the new album that'll be released next June. We hope to encourage many people to worship our Lord passionately through this project. Your support is really appreciated by us, and it's nice to know that your money will only be spent on recording, mixing, mastering, packaging and distribution - so every cent you give is being used with the aim of glorifying Jesus. Please forward this on to your friends and churches. So check out the video and the Pozible page to find out all the details! Thanks!”