Polaroid Faces / Press

"In my life I have had many influences musically. Wether it be MJ's "billie jean", or Prince's "purple Rain". I still find my self coming back and listening to one song from your album "Still Waiting". And yes, even though the before mentioned styles, and your music are diffeerent. They both have influenced me. The song I am talking about is "Fading Pictures". For some reason I read the lyrics and it inspires me everytime. For that I say Thank you polaroid faces and keep up the amazing work." ~Eli

"Good tunes. Hope we all discover you. Cal."

by The Twelve Crucifixes

“Amazing "This Album Was Awesome I Loved It. I Listen To It All The Time! My favorite Is I Hope You Know. I Will Love This One Forever Can't Wait Till The New Stuff Comes Out. Very Good Lyrics And Musical Quality Just Love It!!!!!!!!" ”

“MIXTAPE, 133 S. Division Ave., mixtapecafe.com -- Lights Out, My Life Your Bedtime Story, Midwest Skies, Polaroid Faces, Two Ton Tyrant”