Polarity/1 / Press

“Polar succeeds in his mission of forcing you to pay attention and not lull into the sounds you 'expect' to hear”


“Polarity/1 is a musical force unleashing some of the hippest beats and timely lyric[s] on the scene”


“It may not be easy to categorize, but with its inventive rhythms and wide-ranging choices of instrumentation, Speechless is thoroughly entertaining.”

iTunes Staff Review

“We’d like to hold this track [Di Hard] up as an example of several successful techniques: Vocal treatment, drum programming, track building, using eq as a dynamic tool — do we have all day?”

Recording Magazine

“This is from the old FCC Commissioner, Nicholas Johnson, who just listened to your News Goo... and wants to thank you for that. News Goo is really terrific! I'd like to share some of it with some of my colleagues here at the law school... However that may be, thank you for all you are doing.”

Nicholas Johnson

“POLARITY/1 is From the Mind of POLAR LEVINE. Which is Just About As Fevered As The Brain of RadioMike But This Runs The Gamut Of Politics in All of Its Forms Among Other Things and This Runs Into Every Genre. Here Is Something For Everyone To Listen To.”

Radio Mike

“Polarity/1's Speechless immediately strikes you as a lost soundtrack to some latenight & long forgotten acid trip. Highly recommended.”


“Polarity/1 released a remastered version of his album Yankin’ the Food Chain which offers some tight beats and political raps especially on “News Goo”. You can see the intense style switch in the second mp3, “Salesman””