Point Zero / Press

“After watching an amateur opening band and being less enthused than I should have been, Point Zero came on made everything disappear. An eerily professional set up, with an ambient track setting the mood to get people excited. The members walk on stage very casually, then kick it into gear with a space-rock number that blows away the audience. An hour and a half of wide variety of songs, all uniquely blended with low, skilled precussion, echoing U2-Coldplay-styled guitar work and wonderfully mixed acoustics all overlapped with a one-of-a-kind voice bring this show to life. It is hard to believe that a local band from a small town can have this much potential, and already be so confident. I was thoroughly pleased with the infectious melodies, wonderful guitar solos and brilliant drumming. I highly anticipate this band to make it big, and this summer with test their radio-readibility.”

Steve Smith - St. Joe News Press