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“Cover Band Alert, Point1zero: I finally got to see the female-fronted cover band point1zero and they jam! Formed in May 2006, this band took a while to get going and build up momentum, but now they seem to have gotten things straight because they have been playing a lot around town as of late! Vocalist Andi Ramser is a beautiful woman inside and out and has a great voice. Usually women in this position are stuck up and think they are god's gift, but not Andi. She is very humble, sings well and puts on a great show for the fans. The band plays songs by Green Day; No Doubt; Flyleaf; Chevelle; Foo fighters; Pink; Joan Jett; STP and others. The band has been busy playing PHT, Horseshoe Casino & O'Shea's recently & will next be playing at Mr. G's in Middletown on October 8 and then at Phoenix Hill Tavern on November 19. If you want to hear a good cover band that is just now getting the attention they deserve, check out point1zero at a club near you! Andi and company will rock your world! ”

Eddy Metal - Louisville Music News

"Hard rock with a melodic core..."

“DO NOT BOTHER checking out this band unless you plan on surrendering yourself to having a great time!”

“Andi Ramser sang vocals in the All Star Band.”