“Ohhhh... MERCY ME... MY BELOVED BEAUTIFUL SIS PS... I DON'T KNOW HOW I MISSED THIS BEAUTIFUL KISS... THAT YOU POETICALLY PLACED UPON DELICIOUS LIPS... THISSSS SCRIBE IS ONE OF THOSE TIMELESS WORKS OF BRILLIANT ART... YOU... MY BELOVED SISTAR... HAVE AWAKEN ALL SENSES. PLEASE INCLUDE THIS MASTERPIECE IN YOUR NEXT BOOK... If you haven't slready. I'm so in LOVE with this eloquently illuminating ink & the image is a perfect complement. Thank you for honoring & blessing me with a tag. Please keep your masterfull ink wet and flowing. I love you dearly! Thank you so much... this treasure made my day! Btw... I hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day! Huggz Queen”

QueenAlena Jones Smith

“You have a very unique style of writing. I really like your work!”

Hurley M.

“you are so creative. your sense of soul perpetuates life at it's most honest, most vulnerable state;pure, humble and worn. you are a masterpiece.”

Oracle - Denise Lyles-Cook

“Being able 2 read your work is beyond a privilege...your pen yet continues 2 shed light on da Art of Poetry 4 those who are in need of Light houses it lies in these regions...Eye truly Love your Work,thank u!”


“Your words often remind me of my solitude and the explanation that is needed for that mood and feeling...and you connect that part of my emotion in such a manner I can relate to, even when I am not feeling any certain way at all...uncanny and unique my friend...thanks”

Richard M.