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“Poetic Reasoning "Poetic Justice" "There is nothing like an honest acoustic guitar to confess words unspoken, defrost feelings, or alleviate inner demons through an alluring musical voice. Poetic Reasoning is a melodious trio that expresses exactly that. Their songs depict human insecurities and uncertainties. The songs "When You Lie" and "Curtains" significantly reconnects listeners to a part of their soul that one may have unconsciously disregarded. The raw emotions are what set Poetic Reasoning aside from all, if not most, acoustic bands. One can acknowledge that there is undeniably something in their music for a bit of everyone." - Music reviewed by Nadya Nataly (Journalist for Best of bands) ”

Nadya Nataly - Best of Bands

“The CD is filled with ballads, bringing to mind "Bleed" by Cold, echoing a bit of Lifehouse, the Vineyard's Sam Lane, and Chad Kroeger. Lyrically, the CD is reflective and spiritual, being completely honest about real life: pain, loss, hope, and intimacy. You're uncomfortably being given a voyeuristic look into the songwriters' heart. Musically, the chord arrangements are brilliant, and progressions fit well. Slightly predictable, but with unpredictable diminished and augmented chords. Relying only on guitars, acoustic and plugged-in, drums are really unneeded, as the song compositions and delivery stand on their own. This is music you can empathize and heal with. -Music Reviewed by Steve Dustcircle of Columbus Music Revie”