Pleasure Curses / Press

“Pleasure Curses, have been on fire since their inception. Fine tuning a crooning and retro style like a time bridge between the best groups of the 80′s and today, this duo nevel fails to put on a solid show...If you have not caught Pleasure Curses yet, you should feel a mild shame”

“...electronic basslines with lo-fi instrumentation all around it and a vocalist that suggestively whispers in your ear...”

“Some incredibly smooth disco, post-punk, shoegaze wonder that just seems to escalate in between the different genres all the time...they’ve outdone themselves both musically and lyrically...”

"A Stellar EP"

“Believe me if you are actually able to write songs, you fucking MEAN them, and you’re not fame hungry, I’ll be giving you the post of your dark-electronic-wet-dreams...”


"Discordant, atmospheric and tense...the vocals become subtle echoing clicks of half whispered words washed with electronic feedback. Genuinely unnerving."

"New wave, post-punk, pop, electronic music and a little bit of more experimental stuff, the result could be awful, but the guys got the magic touch."

"haunted synthwave in a trendy person’s mansion."

"they offer up the goods without being entirely predictable....heavier tones of electronica, mashed with the steady orbit of rock, and glam style vocals. All together a dope body of work thus far...

“a lot more subtle and dance-y than its peers, and the distraught singing only adds to it. Pleasure Curses gives off some sexy vibes in their visioning of the genre. I love it.”