mydeath420 Playlist

Mammsie Graham

80 Songs • 277 min

Sonic and Tails Battle Eggman (Hyper Version) Sonic Derp
Fastest hands on the planet Blind Reaction
Desecrating Houses of Worship Sonic Derp
I'm Not Like You (and don't wanna be) Blind Reaction
Brose N Butter (written by Robert Burns) JJoolz
Make You Feel My Love (written by Bob Dylan) JJoolz
Inside Out (written by Imelda May) JJoolz
Nukes in Iran and All the Internet Spam Ralph Buckley
..Darlin...Written By Frankie Miller... Hillbilly Dix
Westboro Baptist Church Dies Sonic Derp
"Can't find My Way Home".ONLINE COLLABORATION...Written By Steve Winwood....Steve Winwood Cover..Jen Dwyer Vox/Greg Bert Hillbilly Dix
Biggie Smalls Rocks the House Sonic Derp
Intolerant Towards Religion Sonic Derp
Pentatonic and gin (Orchid Bloom) ProgRockDan1
Field of the Dead (w Magnificat Sonnets) ProgRockDan1
Rollin In The Deep (written by Paul Epworth and Adele) JJoolz
"Poor Poor Pitiful Me"..Cover..Written by Warren Zevon Hillbilly Dix
Ae Fond Kiss (written by Robert Burns) JJoolz
Projection (instrumental) Virtual Intelligence
"Moma's Don't Let Your Baby's Grow Up to Be Cowboys"/Waylon Jennings! Style StephanChuckNors Stenzel Singer Rec.Artist of Country Early-New & Elvis
slight work freestyle -baby beretta baby beretta
Softly As In A Morning Sunrise Danielle Reich
Angels Crying In The Night (Soul Survivor) David Van Kleeck's CrossTown
YellowPink (electro bit) Opossum, Rabbit and Shrew
When You Say Nothing At All (cover) Maggie Young
Safe and Sound (cover) PREVIEW Yanze Lee
Something Worthwhile....... Susan Taylor Music
Man(Remix)--BillyJack,KenWyler,DannyGreene Danny Greene