Marek Starx produced by IANDSON

Marek Starx

6 Songs • 29 min

A collection of songs produced by I&SON... since our first song "Aloha My Love" (2009) to our latest one "Returning Home" (2015). "Lunatic World", "Natural" & "Returning Home" are written by I&SON, the other songs are written by me. "Night So Long" lyrics by Tim Eldridge.

Aloha My Love (produced by I&SON) Marek Starx
Night So Long (w/Tim Eldridge, prod. by I&SON) Marek Starx
Natural (I&SON & Marek Starx) Marek Starx
Returning Home w/I&SON ft. Angela Terace Trippe Marek Starx