Starx Goes Pop!

Marek Starx

23 Songs • 96 min

A collection of songs I wrote and recorded between the years 2008-2012. It also features my collaborations with I&SON. The original collection starts with "Aloha My Love" and ends with "Our Song" (first 13 songs). The other songs are bonus material, demos & raw recordings.

Aloha My Love (produced by I&SON) Marek Starx
I Will Carry You Home (new lyrics) Marek Starx
I Didn't Mean To Make You Cry Marek Starx
Play With My Mind (Alternate Vocals Version) Marek Starx
Fly With Me (Acoustic English Version - So mnou let) Marek Starx
Night So Long (w/Tim Eldridge, prod. by I&SON) Marek Starx
Natural (I&SON & Marek Starx) Marek Starx
Night So Long (Lyrics by Tim Eldridge) Marek Starx
Waiting So Long (Original Version/Simple Piano Version) Marek Starx