The Ray's Songs

The Ray

22 Songs • 76 min

Buzzed ft. Buck Rogers, J. Banna, Wizzy Wonka(3rd vs.) The Ray
The Fly Buck Rogers ft. The Ray(Real) The Ray
Break It Down by The Ray, Buck Rogers, J.Bana, Wizzy Wonka Prod. by J.Bana(1st vs.) The Ray
We Say Yes ft. Nemoniq & Big Red The Ray
Comin Up ft. Wizzy Wonka(Hype) The Ray
Motto (remix) ft. Wizzy Wonka The Ray
Now Im Up by Wizzy Wonka ft. The Ray(3rd vs.) The Ray
Fucked Up Wizzy Wonka ft. The Ray(Hype)(3rd vs.) The Ray
Missing The Way (interlude) ft. Paul Rogers(Love) The Ray