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Cold Hearted -GTP- Kyle Vest - Rick Rollin - Petey Peak RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Chances - HGH (Petey Peak & Rick Rollin) RaisedBrokeEntertainment
ROLL CALL vol 5 (Garrette Lee, Wickid Mick, K-Dubb, BuckSnotspillit, LGLA, RickRollin,TommyJohn,JJ) RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Keep it Rollin (Radio version) - Rick Rollin RaisedBrokeEntertainment
PEACE! Rick Rollin Ft. Levon's Ghost LA RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Let Loose - GreenThumbProject EXCLUSIVE!!! RaisedBrokeEntertainment
P.S.U.S.A - Wicked Mick, Petey Peak, Rick Rollin RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Free Verse- Rick Rollin Going in! "Get Money unreleased fire" RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Hit&Run - Taylor Jordan & Mr.Enigma RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Take It Off (Get It On) - The Pride x Kyle Vest RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Crowned - Mr.Enigma, Taylor Jordan, Ric-Lee the Versatilian RaisedBrokeEntertainment
BARSIMUS MAXIMUS - RickDaRazor RaisedBrokeEntertainment
NO FILTER - BuckShot Killit & RickDaRazor RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Get it In - Rick Rollin Ft. Taylor Jordan RaisedBrokeEntertainment
"Shut Up" - Rick Rollin -Produced by: TripleSproductions RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Starting Today -HGH- Ft.Einstien Produced by MIC-B RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Lie To Me - Rick Rollin Ft.Mic-B - Produced by Mic-B RaisedBrokeEntertainment
PARADISE- Rick Rollin Ft.LGLA & WormWood RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Welcome to the Underground -Wickid Mick Ft. Rick Rollin RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Go Getta - Petey Peak- EXCLUSIVE LEAK!!! RaisedBrokeEntertainment
A-whole-nother Level - GTP - RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Elivated Music -GTP (RickRollin,Motion,MysterZ,PeteyPeak) RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Stagger Like Us -Rick Rollin- Produced by Bobby Frost RaisedBrokeEntertainment
When Your Alone - HGH- EXCLUSIVE!!! RaisedBrokeEntertainment
"Save Me" - Be·nev·o·lent (aka Petey Peak) EXCLUSIVE SOLO RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Whiskey Wash -Gentleman Script- Ft.IvyRay & Be·nev·o·lent aka Petey Peak RaisedBrokeEntertainment
RBE Roll Call Vol.2 - 14 Emcees (Not Enough Room To mention- See "Lyrics" Box) RaisedBrokeEntertainment
RBE Roll Call vol.1 - RickRollin,BuckShotKillit,WickidMick,Einstien,Marz,BigNasty,PeteyPeak RaisedBrokeEntertainment
My Life -TaylorJordan Ft.PeteyPeak- (Same Love Remix) NEW ARTIST INTRODUCTION RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Real Eye's -HGH Ft.Wickid Mick & Kandace Morales RaisedBrokeEntertainment
"Can't get over loosing you" Rick Rollin Ft.Levon's Ghost LA --- Produced by Mic-B --- NEW ARTIST INTRODUCTION RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Macklemore - Can't Hold Us!!! (HOME GROWN REMIX) RaisedBrokeEntertainment
"Get It Started" - Rick Rollin Ft.DJ BONES & Motion RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Say it Like it is- GTP- Ft. Maulskull of Black Mask RaisedBrokeEntertainment
"This is It" -HGH- first 100 likes EXCLUSIVE! RaisedBrokeEntertainment
"Anti Social" Rick Rollin Ft.Pop Sykle RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Sinnertainers---GTP--- EXCLUSIVE!!! RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Charlie Sheen Swag (short version) - Green Thumb Project (Born Rich & Kyle Vest Ft. Z!Greatest RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Might Be You - Green Thumb Project (Kyle Vest - Loose Cannon - Born Rich) RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Family Tree Ft Loose Cannon & Dana RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Seedless - G.T.P (Born Rich, MysterZ & Motion) RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Been So Long - GREEN THUMB PROJECT (Rich, Loose Cannon, Zadkiel) RaisedBrokeEntertainment
West Coast!!! Ft - Loose Cannon & Kyle Vest RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Let Um Know - Green Thumb Project (Born Rich - Loose Cannon - Kyle Vest) RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Brag Or Boast - G.T.P (Born Rich, Kyle Vest, MysterZ & Dana) RaisedBrokeEntertainment
FityBarzaSickneSs - introducing - KYLE VEST RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Bring It Back (Think Destructive Be Producive Promo) RaisedBrokeEntertainment
For Sale - Green Thumb Project (Born Rich - Loose Cannon - Kyle Vest) RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Rollers On My Back - G.T.P. (Born Rich, MysterZ, Kyle Vest) RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Gettin High (gettin drunk) - Green Thumb Project Remix (Born Rich - Motion - MysterZ) RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Bow To The Ground - G.T.P. (Born Rich, Loose Cannon, MysterZ) RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Elivate - Green Thumb Project (Gentleman script - Loose cannon - Kyle Vest - MysterZ) RaisedBrokeEntertainment
I've Been Told - Green Thumb Project (Born Rich & MysterZ) RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Anything To Make You Smile(Valentines day special) Ft-Dana RaisedBrokeEntertainment
What Defines Evil - Ft. Mic-B RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Radio - Ft. Gentleman Script RaisedBrokeEntertainment
On The Planet - Ft. Loose Cannon RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Run Away Train (accoustic) - Dana & Born Rich RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Bout to Blow - Ft. Mister KA RaisedBrokeEntertainment
You Don't Know Remix (Ft. DZK) RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Playa's Anthem - Ft G-Money & J-Shaw RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Many Murda - Ft Charles Monroe RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Lay Myself To Rest - Ft - Cryptic Wisdom RaisedBrokeEntertainment
How Does That Feel? Ft-Young Sick RaisedBrokeEntertainment
That pole (Remix) Ft - Tino Black RaisedBrokeEntertainment
Real Recognize Real Ft - Mic-B RaisedBrokeEntertainment
She on ft - Mac Moore & Koshir RaisedBrokeEntertainment
I'm So High Ft - J-vo & Raph RaisedBrokeEntertainment