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HardTwistMusic (songwriter)

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Schleever's "Save the Glaciers" HardTwistMusic (songwriter)
An Unwilling Witness to all that Remains (By Endless Night Music) HardTwistMusic (songwriter)
Kim Kristiansen's "Coming Home" HardTwistMusic (songwriter)
Jesus and Santa (A Curmudgeon's Christmas Carol) HardTwistMusic (songwriter)
NEW "Ghost of a Memory" 2015 Version HardTwistMusic (songwriter)
NEW "I Am The Earth" 2015 HardTwistMusic (songwriter)
Paul Newett's "Starting Tonight" HardTwistMusic (songwriter)
Trust Me - (Halloween Song) HardTwistMusic (songwriter)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star HardTwistMusic (songwriter)
Just Can't Help But Wonder HardTwistMusic (songwriter)
Don't You Ever Wonder? HardTwistMusic (songwriter)
Dan Reynolds's "Flying Away" HardTwistMusic (songwriter)
NorthWest State of Mind HardTwistMusic (songwriter)
Winter and War (The Flight of Chief Joseph) HardTwistMusic (songwriter)
Everything Changes, Everything Ends HardTwistMusic (songwriter)
The World is Falling Down HardTwistMusic (songwriter)
Encounter With The Ex in a Bar HardTwistMusic (songwriter)
The Ghost of Your Memory HardTwistMusic (songwriter)