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Ready to go (tribute to Melanie..1st draft lyrics) Taba
jessaLyd kids moves and moods Taba
often leaving but left (latency minus) Taba
Migrant movement (lyrics later) Taba
America and migrants in song. A tribute to control Taba
I just wanna be me (Techno/Trance) for the fans @N1Music Taba
Water, an intelligent creation Taba
From all who good things flow (classical) instru. Taba
Freedom is just a flash in the pan instrumental Taba
What is freedom but a flash in the pan Taba
Quit messing with me. (Tango) Taba
Digitilised People (Techno/Trance) Taba
Partly Semi Classical (double step jive) Taba
Thank you, then a blog, voice, song & etc Taba
Me wedding day (Long Horn Steakhouse) Taba
The Breeze (dedicated to P. Ruane) Chill Taba
Sacrifice 2 Karnetic (Sway/NewAge) Taba
The Universe knocked its lights off Taba
Watcha Doing (kumak karanawadhe) Taba
A kiss and cuddle (for Charles & Claudette) Taba
Let Peace wash over you (Tabla Edits) Taba
Making Chicken revamp (Country for Ruben Gace) Taba
Angels Karnetic Tabla instrumental Taba
Remembering old songs (motorcity) Taba
Cleaning gear (Musicians X'mas video) Taba
They will never hear the Rock n Roll Taba
Waltzing me off my feet to the Rock n Roll Taba
The Devil's snare (spoken word) Taba
Hearth Fires Lit (our soldiers) instrumental Taba
Never the twain shall meet (vocal) Taba
Musicians Christmas 2 (for video) Taba
Blessings 2 u & yrs. A Merry X'mas Singalong.. Taba
I've been watching you (for Maxi & Fazli) Taba
Traffic on a happy day (for Odike Andrew) Taba
Reach out, its hard to let go (Sway/Relax) Taba
Sick of this love bizzo (Chill)sway/foxtrot Taba
Ain't into that (Instrumental) for Cindy Taba
Unconditional Love (tribute to love) Taba
A child loved and lost ("Chill") Sway/fox trot (Dance) Taba
Midnight slumber (Chill instru) Taba
Love ("Amore") Bhajan (+Video=Youtube How?) Taba
Outside your door (instrumental) Taba
My Son Joe (Country..dedicated to Michael) Taba
My son Joe (Part 2 .. instrumental) Taba
Babies sleep (quick step, fox trot) Taba
Always Remember (for Tamara) 9.8 mins Taba
Fuzz Buzz (instrumental world) Taba
Love it never goes away (Unplugged) Taba
Overcoming odds.Flamenco (+ Video) Taba
The rat that I messed with Funk R&B Taba
Stormy Weather (Vocal) for Esme Taba
No one ever hears (Trance spoken) Taba
In my own silent way (Vocal of Pretend) Taba
Say you love me Version 2 (vocal) Taba
Hypnotic Fantasia 2 (relaxation) Video clip Taba
I wonder why I love you (Blues Vocal) Taba
Jitterbug fast talker (Rock&Roll) Taba
Hypnotic Fantasia 1 Relaxation Video clip Taba
If I could see (Volumus) Dance version Taba
What more can I say (Instrumental) Taba
Halls and Shawls (instrumental) Taba
If I could see (for Volumus Org) Taba
Protection Angels (tabla edit) Taba
No Plough, no grain, no yoke (gospel) Taba
Always By your Side (Sway/Foxtrot..Dance) Taba
Dance till you drop (Electronika Instru) Taba
Oh Woe is me (For Rhizana beheaded) Taba
I cannot sleep without you (Chill) Taba
Waiting (with vocals still sober) :). Taba
Quandary (Electronika spoken word) Taba
Wishful thinking (inst) for Hussain Taba
The rat that i messed with (With Vocals) Taba
She ain't lying (For Koshi Pepz- Comedy) Taba
Say you love me (vocal Version 1) Taba
A Rock so Strong (Sigiriya Sri Lanka) Poetry Taba
Waiting (Blues totally sober :)) Taba
Groovy tune (instrum semi classical) Taba
Salmon Roe (R&R) Instrumental Taba