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Inside Life Roman Andren feat H3 H3Studio
IFEEL L.A.U.S.D feat JDavey w/H3 H3Studio
What's Going On? (Trayvon edit) H3Studio
Let me see you groove raw live cut H3Studio
me practicing Just to keep you satisfied H3Studio
Just to Keep You Satisfied Cover Accapella H3Studio
Every Part b Emily King(cover) by H3 H3Studio
If This World were mine Cover H3Studio
Make it Happen feat H3 (groove remix) H3Studio
I Want You Feat Roman Andren H3Studio
Thinking About You(unfinished cut) H3Studio
Lost Without You (humanity remix) H3Studio
Everlasting Life the hope(uncut) H3Studio
Every Part -Emily King Cover H3Studio
Everlasting Life (unfinished cut) H3Studio
Take Care of Your Man (Lost remix) H3Studio
Love Somebody (from ur Heart not Mind) H3Studio
H3 Stepper groove (dancewitme) H3Studio
Take my hand snippet from H3nights H3Studio
Time will Reveal Cover by H3 H3Studio
H3 Nights part I (Warm Love) snippet H3Studio
Too Late to Say you are Sorry H3Studio
H3 Groove (feat Dr Lonnie Smith) H3Studio
Lonely (Rescue Me Corinna Mix:) H3Studio