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Reasonable Request (Arrangement, Music, Vocal - Scott Rogers / Lyrics, Melody Micky B Micky B
Will You (Music/Vocal DHW Lyrics Micky B) Micky B
Let Me Know (draft) Collaboration - Song by Micky B - Piano Jacki Wheeler - Vocal / Backing track DHW Micky B
I Will Always Love You (Artist-Faunasarene Music T/Reyes Lyrics Micky B Micky B
Hold on Tight Music/Vocal DHW Lyrics Micky B Micky B
Company Blues - Collaboration Music /vocal DHW L yrics Micky B Micky B
Souls of Ice Draft title song for Screenplay I'm working on)) Micky B
All I ever wanted - Collaboration -MickyB / Scott Rogers Micky B
Just Take Me Home (Revised. Music / Vocal - Parchment Farm. Lyrics - Micky B Micky B
Pull up a Chair ( Demo..Original Song written and performed by Micky B) Micky B
When time goes by (Original poem by Mike Banks) Micky B
Heart and Soul - Collaboration - Music / Vocal Scott Rogers Lyrics Micky B Micky B
Life's Road. (Music / Vocal Parchment Farm.. Lyrics Micky B Micky B
When (Artist; Faunaserene. Lyrics: Mike Banks Piano: Jackie Wheeler Micky B
Every Day (An original song by Micky B. Musical arrangement and lead Guitar Spinaceto B/T a Sad Melody from Gilneiroot Micky B
The Best of Me ( Original song. Lyrics and music by Micky B} Micky B
Christmas Eve (An Original song by Micky B. Guitar/Bass Martin J Schwarz) Micky B
Show Me (Original song written and performed by Micky B.: (Featuring Rene Saucier on lead guitar) Micky B