LP (aka MaDe)'s Songs

LP (aka MaDe)

40 Songs • 176 min

Luno Lulwo (Sylvester Kabombo feat. LP) LP (aka MaDe)
Roll With Me (feat. Nutty Neithan) LP (aka MaDe)
Pouring Down - LP & Enygma (Produced By Stonetown) LP (aka MaDe)
Love Song Ft. BonStylez (Produced By Aydee) LP (aka MaDe)
Kila Siku (Produced By Stonetown) LP (aka MaDe)
Full Full Condition (Produced By Stonetown) LP (aka MaDe)
Anyone Care Ft. Rugged Made (Produced By Stonetown) LP (aka MaDe)
Kila Siku Remix Ft. Rugged Made, Young Suma, Benny Black & Young Nick (Produced By Stonetown) LP (aka MaDe)
3 Kings - Klarity (Enygma, LP & The Mith) (Produced By Koz N' Effekt) LP (aka MaDe)
Klarity Anthem - Klarity (The Mith, LP & Enygma) Ft. Evon (Produced By Samurae) LP (aka MaDe)
Sibalaba Ft. Naava (Produced By Qing David) LP (aka MaDe)
Tha Problem - LP, Severe & Mr. Skillz (Produced By L.O.B) LP (aka MaDe)
C.I.D (Short Edit) - LP, Topik, The Mith, JB, Atlas, Pl@y, Enygma, Keko, GNL, Navio & Tracy (Produced By Samurae) LP (aka MaDe)
I'm A Rider Feat. [LP, O.P.U, Enygma & Sulphuric] (Produced By J.T] LP (aka MaDe)
Black & Yellow (K-MIX) - LP, So Severe, Nava, Enygma, Extreme & Rawscarz LP (aka MaDe)
Do It Again - Clim Ft. LP (Produced By Qing David) LP (aka MaDe)
With Me Feat. McK Breezy & Harris LP (aka MaDe)
One Time For Your Mind - Rugged Made, Young Nick, Benny Black, LP & Bema LP (aka MaDe)
Gotta Make It Ft. Rugg, BigTril & Tonya [Produced By Timeless Beats] LP (aka MaDe)
Whatever It Takes (Tracy Ft. LP) LP (aka MaDe)
Nini Mta Do (Feat. 3RD ROUND) (Produced J-Pac) LP (aka MaDe)
Who We Are (McK Breezy, LP & Tracy) [Produced By J-Pac] LP (aka MaDe)
Hands Up Feat. R.U.G.G & Don MC LP (aka MaDe)
Across The Room [Mck Breezy, Don MC & LP] LP (aka MaDe)
If You Pray [O.P.U Feat. LP, N.I & Keko] LP (aka MaDe)
Game Over Feat. GNL (Produced By Big Mart) LP (aka MaDe)
Church Paka Bar [Topik Feat. LP] (Produced By Nuttz) LP (aka MaDe)
She's Amazin' Feat. Harris (Produced By Play01) LP (aka MaDe)
Tuko Hapa [Topik Feat. LP] (Produced By Play01) LP (aka MaDe)