BillyCisco's Songs


24 Songs • 86 min

When Lovers Dance by BillyCisco(C) BillyCisco
Edelweiss - Kathy Songbird and BillyCisco duet BillyCisco
A cover song from me SONG245 (1) BillyCisco
Kansas City -cover- BillyCisco BillyCisco
Moondance -- cover-SONG245 (1) BillyCisco
When Sally Comes Around -Ray Cullen and BillyCisco BillyCisco
I Can Fly To You - II - (C) BillyCisco
My Blue Heart Blues- Bill Holness-BC BillyCisco
Sweet Love by Bill Holness-BC BillyCisco
Because, I Love You --- by BillyCisco BillyCisco
Alive in the Park by Bill Holness-(C) -BillyCiscoC BillyCisco
Cry Me A River -my vocal cover - of an Arthur Hamilton hit. BillyCisco
Ain't No Sunshine - BillyCisco -vocals,piano,organ BillyCisco
You Are So Beautiful - vocal cover - song by Wilson, Preston, Fisher- a Joe Cocker hit. BillyCisco
Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues -- Vocal cover rendition of song by Danny O'Keefe BillyCisco
Mack The Knife - cover song BillyCisco
Beyond The Sea - BillyCisco - B. Darin cover -demo only BillyCisco
You'll Never Walk Alone -Kathy Songbird and BillyCisco BillyCisco
Blueberry Hill - Fats Domino cover BillyCisco
Summer Wind - BillyCisco - Frank Sinatra cover BillyCisco
New York, New York - BillyCisco - Frank Sinatra cover - demo BillyCisco
Tomorrow's Another Day-(C)(2) Pat Douglas Spike of Burnt Mimry orig/ BillyCisco collaboration BillyCisco
I Can Fly To You by Bill Holness -BC BillyCisco
Tomorrow's Another Day- (1)Patrick Douglas Spike of Burnt Mimry and BillyCisco- BillyCisco