K-oth's Songs


64 Songs • 175 min

Art of War {Verse} 0401 [Prod Limit Beats] K-oth
Desire {Preview!} [Korex Prod. K-oth Vocals] K-oth
Empathy Insanity (You Don't know the Meaning) [Ft Str8 Up G] K-oth
It's Through the Grapevine {Preview... supposedly ;)} K-oth
BackStabbing Business {K-oth Verse} K-oth
Wishing Well (Produced By Clint Ford) K-oth
Coast is Clear {K-oth Ft Trent Steelz} ~Self Prod K-oth
Devil's Reject ψv0102ψ {Prod: 2Deep} Preview K-oth
The Root [Preview] -Produced By EMOG K-oth
Deep End {Preview} [Prod. Life & Death] K-oth
Bright In Dark Chambers {K-oth ft Torie Shea} *Preview [Self Produced] K-oth
ELM St **Freddy Vs Jason** K-oth ft L-Qaeda K-oth
Fallen Angels =oK-oth;o (Ft Anja and Ace The Prophet) [Self Produced] K-oth
A Wake in the Mourning [Instrumental {Preview}] K-oth
Persian Cat (Self Produced) [FT Papa Joe] K-oth
Cadavers (Horrorcore Concept Rap) K-oth
Wolves Dance =oSelf Producedo= DEMO K-oth
The Departed (Produced By Oskar Mike) K-oth
Hell on Earth (Ft Shock Da World) K-oth
Angelic (Produced By DJ Riko) K-oth
No Drinks On Me (Ft Black Pearl) K-oth
Keep It Together (Co-Produced By Lara Poe) K-oth
Potency (Co-Produced By Lara Poe) K-oth
Verses Of The Bleeding (Nick White ft K-oth) K-oth
Finally Moving (Nick White Ft K-oth) *Pretty lights remix K-oth
Blood Runs Cold (Ft Nick White) K-oth
Age Of Sacred Terror (Ft AnR and Nick White) K-oth
Paper Chasers (Ft C-Dubb and AnR) K-oth
Language Is Fatal (K-oth Ft Storm Child) K-oth