kloudworks' Songs


19 Songs • 73 min

When The Money Is Gone (by Jim 'Scrumpy The Flea') kloudworks
Something Beautiful by F MacMahon & Kloudworks kloudworks
I'm Falling (Throdgie: vocals and lyrics / kappi: music) kloudworks
Pantoffeltierchen (by kloudworks and Fiona MacMahon) kloudworks
Azure Bay (by kloudworks & Fiona MacMahon) kloudworks
Master Fiddle (lyrics: MJ Small / violin & vocals: Corny / vocals and music: kappi) kloudworks
Solitaire by Fiona MacMahon kloudworks
Only A Fantasy (MJ Small: lyrics / Fiona MacMahon: vocals / kappi: bg vocals and music) kloudworks
Tonight (MJ Small: lyrics / Throdgie: backing vocals / kappi: vocals and music) kloudworks
All We Are by Fiona MacMahon and kloudworks kloudworks
Odette Nicole Beris 'Crossing The Water' new version 2014 kloudworks
Insomnia ~ by Fiona MacMahon kloudworks
Last Day On Earth (kappi: music, Throdgie: vocals & lyrics) kloudworks
Spherical (kappi & Joe Jaunty, voc, lyrics) kloudworks
Shine (by Jeffrey Whitman & Fiona MacMahon) kloudworks
If This Song Doesn't Kill Me (Julian Wilson: lyrics / kappi: music) kloudworks
24 Storeys (Julian Wilson: Lyrics / kappi: music) kloudworks
Words Among Friends (lyrics: Jim / music: kappi) kloudworks