Shakes' Songs


14 Songs • 42 min

LYL (Live Your Life) Prod. by Henry Kinkle Shakes
Requiem For Love (Instrumental) Shakes
Check Out My Universe (Produced by Mouthpiece Productions; Mixed by Shakes, Recorded by Shakes Shakes
My Cubby Hole (mixed by Shakes/ recorded by Shakes) Shakes
Got What You Need (Ft. Jbizzle and KBO) Shakes
Girls n' Drugs & Marvins Room Shakes
My Little Roll Chick (Instrumental prod. by Shakes) Shakes
Could've Had it All by JBizzle (ft. Shakes) (Chopped and Mixed by Shakes) Shakes
Running Through the Streets Screaming (Instrumental) (First Export/ Untouched) Shakes
Lost in Translation (An Instrumental) SNIPPET Shakes