Dark Half (LSP)'s Songs

Dark Half (LSP)

51 Songs • 182 min

01. Pingere Nigrum aka Paint It Black Dark Half (LSP)
03. Focus ft. S.A.W. Da Ghozt Dark Half (LSP)
04. I Hear Death ft. Tell P. Dark Half (LSP)
05. Rots Away (Fuck A Rapper) ft. S.A.W. Da Ghozt and Tell P. Dark Half (LSP)
07. Hockey Mask Rap ft. Scum, Claas and Bukshot Dark Half (LSP)
08. Red Dots ft. Dieabolik The Monster, Dope Fiend and Statik G Dark Half (LSP)
09. Don't Forget The Rules ft. S.A.W. Da Ghozt and New Jerzey Devil Dark Half (LSP)
10. Walter Ellis ft. Razakel Dark Half (LSP)
01. A Cult Shit Christmas Tale (Damien Quinn) Dark Half (LSP)
02. Stocking Stuffer (Razakel ft. Damien Quinn) Dark Half (LSP)
03. How The Grinch Murdered Christmas (New Jerzey Devil) Dark Half (LSP)
04. The Death Of Santa Claus (Cult Activity ft. Claas) Dark Half (LSP)
01. Season's Greetings from D (Damien Quinn) Dark Half (LSP)
02. Don't Open 'Til Christmas (Bloody Ruckus ft. Damien Quinn) Dark Half (LSP)
04. Merry Christmas Ho (GrewSum) Dark Half (LSP)
05. Black Christmas [to bury them] (Claas) Dark Half (LSP)
01. Are You Ready (hope you die) Dark Half (LSP)
02. What'chu All About feat. The Turnt Up Click a.k.a. The Bad Kids Club. Dark Half (LSP)
03. The Sun's Gonna Shine feat. Sara Mazing Dark Half (LSP)
04. Give It Up Son feat. Yung Ghozt a.k.a. SAW and Raven Delavega (bonus track) Dark Half (LSP)
05. Heroin [Q-Strange Cover] (bonus track) Dark Half (LSP)
01. Merry Cult Shit Christmas (Geno Cultshit ft. Bloody Ruckus) Dark Half (LSP)
02. Something In The Wind (Dark Half ft. S.A.W. a.k.a. Yung Ghozt) Dark Half (LSP)
03. The GingerDead Man (Damien Quinn a.k.a. Damien Jones) Dark Half (LSP)
04. Black X-Mas (DieaboliK The Monster) Dark Half (LSP)
05. Christmas Sucks (Dark Half ft. Majik Duce) Dark Half (LSP)
Not Like You feat. Dope Fiend Dark Half (LSP)
My Psychosis feat. Boondox Dark Half (LSP)
Dead and Dying (stir crazy remix) Dark Half (LSP)
Sex Slave feat. Dope Fiend Dark Half (LSP)
Russian Roulette (Scum ft. Dark Half and Qrem Dela Qrem) Dark Half (LSP)
Love of my Knife (Razakel ft. Dark Half) Dark Half (LSP)
No Regrets ft. King Gordy and Bizarre of D12 Dark Half (LSP)
Diary of a Lost Cause ft. Sicktanick and Razakel Dark Half (LSP)
Demons in my Head ft. Dope Fiend Dark Half (LSP)
The Ballad of George Stark ft. Maniax Dark Half (LSP)