Justin's Songs


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On your porch (Featuring Tim 2016) Justin
Time is running out (Featuring Matthew Mcknight) Justin
Calm Down (Featuring Seth Land) Justin
I Might(Not featuring G Eazy) Justin
Lorien's song (Chris Eldridge) Justin
You've got me (Tim's Ukelele song) Justin
Eternal Goodbye (Dedicated to Jeff's sorrows) Justin
I should have been home schooled. Justin
I'll be there (A Capella demo. Justin
All Of Me. (John Legend clip) Justin
Can't help falling in love with you (Elvis cover) Justin
"Just give me a reason" (Instrumental) Justin
preview of a song I am working on. Just vocals. Justin
Sarah I need you to finish this song! Justin
Winter( Tim and Justin cross country collaboration) Justin
On Your Porch (Tim and Justin) Justin
Rainbow Connection (The Muppets) Justin
Coleman singing " I believe I can fly. Justin
There's something (By Chris Eldridge) Justin
Walk my distance (By Tim Toland) Justin
The girl that disappeared live with Skyler Justin
A Cat's Tale Cover (by The Last Verse) Justin
It's a small Small World after all. Justin
The meaning of life (Preview)) Justin
You'll be alright (Instrumental) Justin