M.O.T.O.'s Songs


37 Songs • 83 min

Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance To The Radio M.O.T.O.
Wind It Out (from Spiral Slouch 7" EP) M.O.T.O.
Shitty Kids (single version) M.O.T.O.
It Tastes Just Like A Milkshake - (single version) M.O.T.O.
Ain't No Modern Day Robin Hood M.O.T.O.
Guitars Are Like Clothes (single version) M.O.T.O.
I Think Of You And I Die (single version) M.O.T.O.
Like I Got Nothing Better To Do M.O.T.O.
Underneath an Awning in The Rain M.O.T.O.
Breaking Up Is The Hardest Thing M.O.T.O.
Big Black Boots On The Feet Of The Girl That I Love M.O.T.O.
Catholic World (1986 lo-bias cassette version - from the upcoming LP re-issue of BOLT)) M.O.T.O.
Satan Always Calls Collect (1987 original) M.O.T.O.
Sickle Cell Express - (1983) M.O.T.O.
Nobunny covers "It Tastes Just Like A Milkshake" M.O.T.O.
Digital Leather covers "Deliver Deliver Deliver" M.O.T.O.
Ain't No Modern Day Robin Hood (Live on WLUW-FM, Loyola University-Chicago - 2005) M.O.T.O.