Crafty's Songs


47 Songs • 159 min

It's An Animal Thing (feat. Lifewhyz) Crafty
Same Old, Same Old (feat. Dkay, Prophet) Crafty
Wine And Macaroni & Cheese (feat. Dkay) Crafty
Perigee Moon (feat. Lifewhyz, Dkay) Crafty
One Of These Days (feat. Dkay, Lifewhyz) Crafty
Raising The Stakes (feat. Lifewhyz, Prophet) Crafty
Already Been Done (feat. ActOne, Pdawg) Crafty
Venom In The Medicine (feat. Lifewhyz) Crafty
Saturday Night (feat. ActOne, Dkay) Crafty
Watching Me (feat. Dkay, Lifewhyz) Crafty
That Funk (feat. Green Monsta, Mehka) Crafty
Get Ya Mind Right (feat. Mehka, Dkay) Crafty