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Malte and Bengt-Åke

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Smile Again - Team A WINNER - The First Vietnamese Fanpage
(Ben Bruce Acoustic) - Someone Somewhere Asking Alexandria
Independence Day - single by BROKEN WING® - sample BROKEN WING®
Dreamcatcher - single by BROKEN WING® - sample BROKEN WING®
Summer Has Just Begun (feat. Shane Moyer) Riley Kerns
Radio Calls for Good Weather Riley Kerns
Dirty America Prod by Royality Jones BLKKK OUT
The Oxbow Incident - Fiddle Version Reggie Hart
Go Easy On Me (Featuring Michelle Malone) Tim Tucker
Dead Man's Blues (Darwin & the Electric Rebels) Paul Lyricist
The Burning & The Falling Down Face The King
The Rolling People - Don't Go! (Pumpin' On Your Stereo) The Rolling People
I Wanna Rock - For Xmas Franki Doll & The Broken Toys
Gone Too Far / Dockery-Mallard-Snipe Will Dockery
Idle Hour Night / Dockery-Mallard-Snipe Will Dockery
Red Lipped Stranger / Will Dockery & Shadowville All-Stars Will Dockery
01 Houcine EX Gontas - Man Ana The Virtual Past
Rock This Life - TG ft Varaidzo Block1O1
"Sweet Little Mystery"-John Martyn-GRAVITY & TIME Christopher Brant Anderson
THE FAMILY DOG - Pharmacon (Pop Rock) Marco Ortoli - Rock Producer
STRAIGHT JACKITT - Ask Your Mama (SKA) Marco Ortoli - Rock Producer
Ku Muak Dengan Omong Kosongmu Twinkle And Bad Face
Finger Lickin Chicken Pickin john deer
The Beauty Of Mangrove Mountain john deer
LOVE IS LIKE A PLANE RIDE (from "Life Gets in the Way") Rose Carleo
THAT SEASON AGAIN (from "Life Gets in the Way") Rose Carleo
RUNAWAY HEART (from "Life Gets in the Way") Rose Carleo
LIFE GETS IN THE WAY (from "Life Gets in the Way") Rose Carleo
LIKE A MUSTANG (from "Life Gets in the Way") Rose Carleo
Hey Yeah, it's Christmas Time Marcus F D Hicks
This Man Lives In Tin (The Victim) Superstar Runner
Voodoo Girl (Radio edit) feat. Maniac MG.mp3 Miss Diamond DJ
Party All Night (Sleep All Day) Sean Kingston
Auto Entrevista Revista Elite y Video de Entrevista El Colombiano Andres Lopez
Jay Sean - Ride It Jay Sean OFFICIALLY signed with CASH MONEY RECORDS
Long Live the Kings Sampler Kottonmouth Kings
Tesadaa Bemeen - تصدق بمين Elissa