Is my Life...'s Favorites

Is my Life...

77 Songs • 302 min

STILL I RISE ft. Selena (produced by The Progress) King D Mr. Perfect
Inside Reality - Your Heaven Johnny V
Wood Chips Album - Would You Be My Girl Johnny V
Make You Feel My Love (written by Bob Dylan) JJoolz
Love Don't Grow On Trees - Written by Shay Rick Lally & Shay Ryburn Music
Luckiest Man in the World Michael Kelly Cavan
Of Mermaids and Muses: A Dance Both Intimate and Sacred in the Blue Grotto Obi Kaye
I Love A Woman - Written by Shay Rick Lally & Shay Ryburn Music
That One Still Comes Up (McCormick/Miller/Carson/Bobbitt) Dan Bobbitt
Three O'Clock In The Morning Blues (Check the guitar and Piano!) Dennis McClung Blues Band
Soaking Up The Son (Bobbitt/Haines) Dan Bobbitt
Angry Too Long (Bobbitt/Carson/Ford) Dan Bobbitt
Those Same Shoes (Bobbitt/Carson/Haines) Dan Bobbitt
If You Had A Heart (Bobbitt/Ford/Wiley) Dan Bobbitt
Heart Look Away (Bobbitt/Carson) Dan Bobbitt
Bullfrogs (Whitehead/Bobbitt) Dan Bobbitt
She Ain't Said I Love You Yet (Whitehead/Bobbitt) Dan Bobbitt
You Could Be Mine (Whitehead/Bobbitt/Griffin) Dan Bobbitt
Fanny Poer (T.O'Carolan)arr L.Vallée Louis Vallée
The Water Is Wide (Celtic Trad) Harp Guitar.arr.L.Vallée Louis Vallée
The Star of the County Down (Live) LabGraal