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Bonnie McGill

166 Songs • 606 min

Shadows In The Wind... Written and sung by Eddie Ray Franks Jr. TheOtherManInBlack
the man-the ledgent-the entainer [george jones dale brown[songwriter]
The Old Man And The Dog... written & sung by Eddie Ray Franks Jr TheOtherManInBlack
Break These Walls For You David Allen, The Drifting Outlaw
Rock Me Baby (GG Take ft. Mia Lotus) The Magneto Flobe
THE HEART OF ME ..- © KCDaleigh Original KC Daleigh
Hey Porter (Written by Johnny Cash) Danny Green
"To Sir With Love"..ONLINE COLLABORATION..Written By..Don Black/Mark London..Ourstage Collaboration..Jen(Vocals) Greg Be Hillbilly Dix
Shifting Sand...written by Scrapper//Hamby Billy T. Scrapper
THAT MAN IN BLACK , co written by Bonnie McGill & Eddie Ray Franks Jr Vocals by Eddie Ray Franks Jr. Eddie Ray Franks Jr
Falling Down Were The Bridges Around Her, sung and written by Bonnie McGill Bonnie McGill
A Name That You Were Calling written by Bonnie McGill sung by Nathan T hunt Bonnie McGill
Hungry Eyes (Cover) Tribute To Merle Haggard Darren Rhodes
Fancy Blouse(Brand New Song) ©2013 Gail Carson Publishing All Rights Reserved!! Gail Carson
Long Goodbyes (Written by Bonnie Mc Gill) Danny Green
I Just Want to Hold You - produced by NEW BRIDGE STUDIOS - unfinished James Ferris
Turn The Lights Off As You Leave Pete Rivers
Two Beers Ago - Lyrics by: Donna Hagan / Ruthie Steele Music by: Mike Headrick Darren Rhodes
Can't Wait To Play In Jesus' Band Marla Jo Mason
Give Him Time Written By Bonnie McGill Deby Kelley
" Pillow Cases " new final mix John Bell, Original HOT-H
One Million Times (remastered w/ new tracks) James Ferris
How Do You Tell A Friend Goodbye Greg And Ken
Am I the Only One you've Done Wrong pamela rooney and The Exceptions
A Soft Place To Fall (Recorded 2009) Louise Lanigan
One Sided Love (remastered w/ new tracks James Ferris
Trying to get over You/Vince Gill Ursula Bladek
When You Send An Angel A Letter Clinton Gregory Music