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Zoe Ann

45 Songs • 193 min

This Time - Jennifer Sumerel Brewer DEL RIO BAND
Born Under A Bad Sign (W) ART BELL & Jimmy Jimmy Dean Brooks
Memories - feat. Erwin Lazaro Gate57 - Songwriters/Producers
There Is An Angel For Everyone - Hannu Lepisto (feat by healingcolors) healingcolors
Serious Crime (written by L.Marlowe/S.Thomas) Linda Marlowe
Groovy Socks (Dedicated to Queen Cher Nadine Mathews) The Billy Button Alternative
Hallelujah (written by Leonard Cohen) Linda Marlowe
In Quale Sogno Sarai-MaryJAngel Gate57 - Songwriters/Producers
Midnight Train (W) Johnny, Woody, Jimmy Jimmy Dean Brooks