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In My Heart by Jenni French - Temple of Zither Bonus Track Somewhat Seven
Falling (Extended Intro Remix) Somewhat Seven
Rango Unmuzzled 78 - Intro Somewhat Seven
The Crimes of Budd Zunga - Battle of Waterloo Somewhat Seven
Tequila Haze with MIke Hackbert Somewhat Seven
Falling (Temple of Zither Remix) Somewhat Seven
American Style (2001 solo Acoustic Demo) Somewhat Seven
Intro to Episode 72: Beautiful People Somewhat Seven
Intro to Episode 71: Brother Somewhat Seven
Rock, Paper, Scissors from the album 'Schizophrenic' Dai Sharkey
What Do I Do ©2011, Asylum Productions John Q. Public
Just Breathe (For Tony) (Instrumental) ©2013 Asylum Productions John Q. Public
Swampdeck Sessions - Smokehouse Somewhat Seven
Acoustic Jam by Patrick Kindy & Matthew Meadows Somewhat Seven
Smokehouse - Temple of Zither Somewhat Seven
TO THE BONE ©Justine Wilde Justine Wilde
BOUND ©2011-2016 Justine Wilde Justine Wilde
WHEN SHE COMES ©Justine Wilde Justine Wilde
 ©2013 Justine Wilde Justine Wilde
FAST CAR TO HOUSTON ©2013 Justine Wilde Justine Wilde
I ain't that man anymore ©2012 Asylum Productions John Q. Public
Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For The Wendy Woo Band
Chasing Time - Moments Of Magnitude SjW
The Wicked ~Instrumental ☠(I.R.L)☠ ~Infinite Vision Productions
What I Need ft-Kevin(theJester)Adam & Patrick Kindy ☠(I.R.L)☠ ~Infinite Vision Productions
NastyNastyness Jam with Vin G Budd Zunga
Mr Asshole Media Man(orig.sample) Budd Zunga
Lovely To Be Lost (Original) Budd Zunga
She Belongs To Me (Original) Budd Zunga
The Pope - Detroit (guitar solo) Somewhat Seven
The Pope - Purple (guitar solo) Somewhat Seven
Rick Frost - You're Gone Big Smile Magazine.com
Electric love (Electrical love) Katsumi Yoshihara
Inhale the Good, Exhale the Bad ABYSSABLAZE
'LIL GIRL WRONG ©Justine Wilde Justine Wilde
IF I LIVE 'TIL MONDAY ©Justine Wilde Justine Wilde
God's Blues (Risque Operatic Mix) MikeWhitePresents
Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap Jimmy Chaos Violin
RHINO (WHAT WILL BECOME OF US, JOE?) ©2012-2015 Justine Wilde Justine Wilde
BOATMAN (Justine Wilde: Vocals, Lyrics, Melody/Piano: Ilya Yefimovich Repin (PD License) ©Justine Wilde Justine Wilde
My Lucifer (Church Basement TB Mix) © Aqualyra
Wicked Merman (Valentine Näckros Mix) © 2007) Aqualyra
Spider On Your Hand © 1988/2010 - micing is off Aqualyra
Love U When U're Old ©aqualyra Aqualyra
LOVE POTION Dionne Lightwood Original Song, Gianluca Bernabei Instrumental 2011 Dionne Lightwood
"YOU LEFT ME (Just When I Needed You Most)” by Tim McGraw: Goth_Industrial_Glitch_Rock Cover ©2013 Justine Wilde Justine Wilde
killing me softly (cover)LIVE acoustic snippet Dionne Lightwood
Another lady "live and unplugged" (Original) Dionne Lightwood
"I DONT GIVE A DAMN" (ORIGINAL) Dionne Lightwood
"The suns Gonna Shine" (Original song) Dionne Lightwood
"wanna get Down" Original track by (DIONNELIGHTWOOD) Dionne Lightwood
"Im Sorry" (original Song) Dionne Lightwood
"Come with me" feat Dionne lightwood and Que Anderson ORIGINAL SONG Dionne Lightwood
"Blues"(Living in a bad Dream) Dionne Lightwood with Lewis Hamilton and the Boogie Brothers Dionne Lightwood
YOUR WAY Original Dionne Lightwood lyrics and feat gianluca bernabei instrumental Dionne Lightwood
Take a look at me (DionneLightwood Original Song) Magic Lamp Music Dionne Lightwood
House remix of "your way" Dionne Lightwood
Smokehouse - Temple of Zither demo (acoustic guitar & voice) Somewhat Seven
Tides - Temple of Zither demo (acoustic guitar & voice) Somewhat Seven
In My Heart~Guitar~Matthew Meadows Jenni
5-GUN-BRAIN ©2013-2016 Justine Wilde Justine Wilde
"last visit"/Tim Hearn/SunRace Tim Hearn
GUITAR and ORCHESTRA (Vivace) Richard P Dale
'voice stilled"/Tim hearn/SunRace Tim Hearn
"instrumental groove"/Tim Hearn/SunRace Tim Hearn
Ferocity And Fragility (Part Three) Thom Schroeder
God's Blues (The Same Mistake) MikeWhitePresents
"down the mountain"/ Tim Hearn/SunRace Tim Hearn
I Was Abandoned On The Dancefloor MikeWhitePresents Mix Jenni