Damien Nova's Favorites

Damien Nova

44 Songs • 186 min

Lov3 Like A MF - feat Millie Forte Cocoa Buttah Records
So Femme - feat Siaara Freeman Cocoa Buttah Records
I Can Take You Further - Let The Groove Ride Boukou Groove
Jaded Spades [ScracthVoc - Prepro] Mr. 6ixxx
You Gotta Go - Damien Nova Cocoa Buttah Records
The Message In The Middle Of The Bottom Chaka Khan
Happy To See Me - Wicked Chicks (Austin Marnier & Hennessy Raine) T. AUSTIN REED (AUSTIN MARNIER)
She Was Fly ft Mar (Full Crate Cover) Ramel
Let Go - Bonus Funk This track Chaka Khan