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Innocent Bystander

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go on (with Isa Conar and Armin Bauer) Franz Holzhauser
Long Live the Sons of God (Radio Edit) Strong Like Woman
Silver Screen by Cottage Jefferson Pleistocene
Attitude Adjustment Ft Martin Gonzalez(billy club sandwich) Knuckle Up!
I'd Love to Change the World (cover) The Jerusalem Blues Band
I'll Get You Next Time Gadget! Famous Last Words
... Of the Silently Shattered Union Ossu
Caution - Bob Marley - Performed by 3D Allstars 2009 3D Allstars
Breakaway clip from "Another Day" Amanda and Scott Anderson Band
Long and Lonesome Old Freight Train Jim Hurst
I'm Coming Home For Christmas Squirrel Nut Zippers