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Johnathan Dunn

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Emergency Exit (Hopeless) "Over the Rainbow " soundtrack Abby J & DOTS
Etude No.1 - H. Villa-Lobos Russell Chase Turek
BWV 1007 Prelude - trans. Ponce/Segovia/Turek Russell Chase Turek
Prelude in C Major BWV 846 Russell Chase Turek
Koyunbaba I - Carlo Domeniconi Russell Chase Turek
Baby Goodbye - AV Supersunshine AV Super Sunshine
Tyrant (A Sore Ass) (metal) AarsonisT (C-Lance Productions)
Tears Like Rain prt 2 excerpt Thanos
Tears Like Rain prt 1 excerpt Thanos
I play country But I love Rock n Roll Johnny Borton
Sweet Surrender (Instrumental) Johnny Borton
..Gypsy..Written By.. Stevie Nicks.. Hillbilly Dix
..Teardrops..COVER..written by Dr Rue & The Gyspy Wave Banner Hillbilly Dix
Evanescent Revolutions III. Happiness Only Real When Shared op.62 Nick Vasallo
Emergence of the Kraken op.52 Nick Vasallo