James McDoom's Favorites

James McDoom

125 Songs • 447 min

Standing at the Gates lead guitar by Jerry Burch Mammsie Graham
Country My A$$ by David Allen Coe Junior (with Jim Reeves and U.S. Gringos)License12422356 David Allen Coe Junior
American Dreams American Made © Pat Guidry
would you like to be my next ex husband Ronda Harp
It turns me inside out (cover song) Ronda Harp
Mike: Sadhbh Ní Bhruinneallaigh (rough) Irish Roots Cafe house band
Promise: Mo Shéamaisín.... My Little James Irish Roots Cafe house band
Peaceful solution (Willie nelson research institute project) Mammsie Graham
released (alan redmon song lyrics mammsie graham) Mammsie Graham
THE YODELIN' BLUES BY KAREN GIGIKOS Karen may Gigikos / BlackBelt Granny
"Up Here on this Hill"(Studio Demo)...for Kim and Pete TL Briggs(Songwriter)
Come with me Over The Mountain (Mike) Irish Roots Cafe house band
Undo Me-cover by Peg O'Neill Peg O'Neill
"Cowboy On"(Dedicated to Jason Wayne Hunter) TL Briggs(Songwriter)
"Walkaround Mountain"(PheonixStudioDemoPre-master)feat.Chris Avila TL Briggs(Songwriter)
The Grand Ole Opry (Ain't So Grand) Hank III
You Don't Go Bowlin' In Your Cowboy Boots LisaAnn
Another Bender Might Break Me hellbound glory
Hillbilly Girl With the Blues The Bluebillies
How Many Angels - Christian Children's - Featuring Angelynn-Grace Brimstone
AIN'T NO GRAVE (cover) The Rose Of Sharon - GOSPEL (ASCAP) (AMG)
That Old Martin Guitar / Writer Ed Gowens Donna Ray Music
How Far Is Heaven / Donna Ray T'onna Ray Donna Ray Music
Poem "My Dad Grown Old" narrated by DJ Audrey King written By Bonnie McGill. background music Daddy's House Bonnie McGill
Out Of The Mouths of Babes written by Bonnie McGillNarrated by Ed Gowens Bonnie McGill
Sunday Morning Comming Down TEDDY SADLER
Hospice Dulcimer "Afternoon Tea" by Jerome Randall Jerome Randall
Lonesome Cowboy Blues Lucky Tubb and The Modern Day Troubadours
Lil Ole Wine Drinker, Me Lucky Tubb and The Modern Day Troubadours
Leaving the Leaving to You Wendy Carlisle
I'm so lonesome I could cry (Cover) Larry James Brewer
Heartaches by the Number (Cover) Larry James Brewer
Oil And Water...(Final Mix)... Bonnie McGill
How Long Till I Go Crazy, With Donna Ray singing Bonnie McGill
Broken Dreams / Writer Donna Ray Donna Ray Music
You Got Another Think Coming sung by Donna Rae Bonnie McGill
Lonesome Standard Time Danny Zimmerman & Honest Labor
Winemucca Blues (A lesson From Old Willie) Dave Bickmore
PHD in Misery-Todd 2012-BMI Todd & Jimmie Dean
The Wanna-be Country Star-Todd 2012-BMI Todd & Jimmie Dean
One More One Night Stand (D.M. Green) Danny Green
Hey Porter (Written by Johnny Cash) Danny Green