Kit Mann's Favorites

Kit Mann

111 Songs • 431 min

Smokestack L. (first take) Ricky Ray Band
Life's a bittersweet song Ultraviolet Fires
Shine Shine Bobo FT Derique / Martha Produced by Paul Agwa Angel - Michael Dvahyu
Forbidden (R&B) ft Ruff Endz' David Chance Juliann Andreen
The Day Will Come (IndieSoul) Juliann Andreen
I'm On Hold For You Pat Branch... Bass Player / Songwriter
Bad Girls Always Get What They Want Pat Branch... Bass Player / Songwriter
MOTHER(Tribute to Pink Floyd) Yankee Rhoad
For Pirates - Freestyle 2008 Scurvey Sickness
Perfect Stranger Paul Cottenham AKA RUFCUTBAND ./Singer/SongWriter
The Speck In My Brothers Eye RnB Jesus Band (R=Repent n B=Believe)
Human Being (Brand New Song)©2011 Gail Carson Publishing All Rights Reserved Gail Carson
Louisiana Swamp Man - Long Version Performed by Nelson Blanchard Carmella Inchierchiera
Rodeo Queen (Patty Shark Demo) James Ferris
"Landslide" ..Stevie Nicks Cover .. Hillbilly Dix
"The Wind Song" Internet Collaboration..Written by " Abba Father".. Hillbilly Dix
"kEEP UR Hands To Yourself.LIVE !! Hillbilly Dix
thanks for the days gone bye © Pearl Black
everytime the wind blows © with (Mike Brennan) Pearl Black
put your sweet arms around me © (for my wife) Pearl Black
Karina's Violin Dedication to Gaga's Bad Romance Karina
Love Without A Limit(Remix) Titus Cheatham
The last thought (Whatever happened to Grace Slick?) Hendersongs
Guilty Love - feat. Lola de Hanna Gate57 - Songwriters/Producers
"BURNING REGRETS"..BY Paul Pritchard Hillbilly Dix