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Deceitful Women, Ft Drematic and Nuke Grizzle
Breakup Energy - original instrumental Blas Ortiz
Chain Reaction (feat. Susana C. Marquez) Massimo Ghianda
Ready Now (feat. Jeneen Terrana & Joerg Vetter) Massimo Ghianda
PROMO: Get Funked UP Radio (FRI/SAT) (Detroit, USA) Modern Soul Sauce Radio Show
Someone to light up my life (A.C. Jobin) Yilo Quinones Guitar
Inbox (Feat. Mikhael X Blacque) H.otB.lackC.hick
Sin Parar by Boilosky "La Elegancia" Bilosky "La Elegancia"
Lucky cover by John Moses and Stephanie Holzhauer John Moses
Petit Oiseau (album Interaction) Leila Duclos
Rumble "Produced by Marcus Millsaps" Cloudy Mind Blues Factory
PLEDGING MY LOVE (video on reverbnation) LATASHA LEE
WIN HER HEART (video on reverbnation) LATASHA LEE
LEFT HAND SIDE (video on reverbnation) LATASHA LEE
Tenaga Cinta (OldVersion 2007 - non mixed) LING-LING ALFARI
Obral Rock (non-mixed_old record) Dani Mkd in GOODWILL
Liquid Sky - from Robert Lamms CD Living Proof ZoSia Karbowiak