LisaBe's Favorites


98 Songs • 422 min

If U Want Me 2 Stay (Manera de Flobito) The Magneto Flobe
The Flobehead Lullaby (Last Hurrah Take) The Magneto Flobe
JOURNEY to HYPER SPACE Zoku~Ash Suntribe mix Jenni
The Sound Of My Heart Breaking ( Written And Performed By Deaths Jest ) taken from the album "Love And Death " hilrant
Wiffle Tree ( track one of the new double album -" Wiffle Tree " by HILRANT hilrant
Dirty Money (Prod. by Hezekiah and Suga Bee) Suga Bee of Carolina
A Darker Shade [ft. Felicia Mitchell] Amyrrhond
Lalena (Donovan Cover) with The Ducks Mike Cliffe
DigiLife (Hustle Cession) SNIPPET Cession Daventport
Stranger Than Fiction (feat. Razed In Black) More Machine Than Man
A Dull Day In Aguaparn (1996) Exile Pots' Raw Loops
"You Can't Go Back" (Ft. Jimmy Dukelow & Le Mystique) Elements Of A Dark Universe
© Victims of Victimless Crime by Chris Jamison Jamazon Cloud
Your Sister Is Better Than You (And Your Mother Is Too) SpEnt fiXer
Simpler Flowers (telephone song) Demo Matthew Martinek
La La La (collaboration written by Lisa VonH produced and arranged by Matthew Martinek) Matthew Martinek
What Nobody Knows (reworked demo) Matthew Martinek
Dead Moon [Out of Quebec / Mike Cliffe/ Bill Ray] Mike Cliffe
Black sHeep of the family (Cover/Satire) Mike Cliffe
Be Integrated - Andrew Flint Mix Breck Stewart
The_Cipher_Dream_Recorder_(Re-Start) FAFNIRROCKSON
(The Thrill Of) Always And Never FAFNIRROCKSON
Part 1 of 3 - Banjo in Kashmir Anchorage Alaska