Krazii-A's Favorites


78 Songs • 312 min

Misery And Hard Times By RodDay RodDay
Pretty Little Eyes ft. Whitney Dalynn J. Winn ✰
Creative Juices Ft. Jack black Glacio
Gettin Tough ft Highly Contagious (Roy Diss) ON-Q
"Damn" By Disdang Caburius Produced by Keyz Disdang Caburius (OFFICIAL ARTIST PAGE)
Bring It Back-Zyme ft Nayelli Zyme aka Enzyme Dynamite
Don't Stop (Til' You Get Enough) Young Lyric
Heartbeat (Jigih Records) jigih paul aka talarance
Dolla Bills- Yung Smooth Charles Smooth Williams
Big Spender - Yung Smooth & iDavis Charles Smooth Williams
Closer - Die Nähe (German Lyric Edition) Modis Chrisha
"Keep Grindin Til The Finish" Titus Cheatham
One In A Million Julliette and Foreplay (Radio & TV Personality)
Low Down Dirty Blues Julliette and Foreplay (Radio & TV Personality)
Mami Uno - Me and My Soldier Mami Uno
Just Another Girl - Find You Find You Julien Ace Blondin
In My Ride (feat. Jordan Salazar) Poppa Joe