Jim VanNewKirk Songs' Favorites

Jim VanNewKirk Songs

59 Songs • 209 min

THE RIVERMAN (written by Ron Ryan, vocals by Adam Cunningham) Ron Ryan
Summer Day (by Don Quinn) (vocal by Travis Thibodaux) (production by Travis Thibodaux and Bryan Austin) Don Quinn
Gonna Buy Me A Boat (by Don Quinn and Damian Pipes)(vocal Travis Thibodaux)(Produced by Bryan Austin) Don Quinn
Love is Never Wrong Robb Strandlund (Platinum Songwriter)
Already Gone - Live Robb Strandlund (Platinum Songwriter)
Every Time Two Fools Collide Jan Dyer
'Cause You're Gone(And I'm Alone) written by Jan Dyer, Glyn Patterson and Marc Wheeles Jan Dyer
Housewife's Prayer (Cover) Madison Alayna Wilson
Lets Go Down To The River (cover) Madison Alayna Wilson
On The Street Where I Grew Up Gene Paradis
"Hardest Part Is Saying Goodbye" (Don Quinn) (vocal Bryan Austin) Don Quinn
It Was Yes (By Don Quinn) (vocal Bryan Austin) Don Quinn
Just A Couple Of Country Kids (By Don Quinn)(Vocal Bryan Austin) Don Quinn
East of the Sun ( West of the Moon ) Emily Chappell
Baby Don't Come Back (demo) The Limey Cowboys
Why Didnt You Tell Me You Were Gone Bernie Nelson
Strength Of Hope (Don Quinn) vocal David Spires Don Quinn
"Where The Wild Flowers Grow" Billy Alexander
Heartache Tonight feat. Kanan Road Christine Hillmann
Rain On A Tin Roof - Acoustic Demo Julie Roberts Music