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The Thrill is Gone ( Album Version ) Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound
"You Can Leave your Hat on" Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound
Rest For a While - Buzzotronic ft. Lace & Elena Farmers & Devils
Gulf Breezes (to my friends, da bois) Salariatus
Stop talkin' feat. Eva Rivera-Ferrell, Cece F.Bby & Stephano Theo 2011 Remix Wood's Studio's
You know for sure feat. Naffu boi 2009 Wood's Studio's
2 Worlds feat. 2Numb2c, Joze : MC´Jota emE & Lucas Rimador 2011 Wood's Studio's
Radiance of Implicit Part II feat.Pamela Grigg Black ( Demo 2012 ) Wood's Studio's
Bläh ( Was wollt Ihr von mir ) feat. Du.Play.D Wood's Studio's
You know for sure (Monkey Mix) feat. Naffu boi 2009 Wood's Studio's
I want to fly ( Low-flying Remix ) feat. Pamela Grigg Black 2011 Wood's Studio's
Next Generation ( LebEnsZeit ) feat. ♥GuNDi♥ 2013 Wood's Studio's
LITTLE ANGEL FROM FAR AWAY by VITTORIO GERLINI (feat by healingcolors) healingcolors
Turn this room into a studio Da Predator 1 in the game
Use Me (West Tampa Style Ft. Baluja) The Magneto Flobe
Freight Train (cover collab. with Joe Jaunty) Cathie Fredrickson
The Bells Fell Silent- collab. Andreas Schumacher/ instrumental-vocals, Cathie/lyrics-vocals Cathie Fredrickson
Vem Kan Segla with Joe Jaunty and Bo Standell Cathie Fredrickson
Fun-Love 2006-Hit Factory Productions Vincent Pablo
Born to be free(Dedicated to C. Mayfield) Vincent Pablo
Release(Single-feat. Fiona MacMahon) Vincent Pablo
Kandi (Album Mix Ft. DMoney & Helium Brefff) The Magneto Flobe
EvEry 1`s a winner - GuNDiRoCk - Voc GuNDiRoCk
Life Ain't Easy (With Nix/Exploderamera and Ewen Allardyce) PRD.Vocals
Veni Vedi Vici (with Dick Oorlab) PRD.Vocals
It Won't Matter (What I Put Together) Tom Hedrick
Romeo & Juliette ~the Fianale Dianne Schlotterlein
Drunk As A Skunk On Your Funk - (PhilM 2013) Earth Horse
Do You Wanna Dance/ Voulez-Vous Danser DestinationDawn
The Abstract Truff (Part 3 Final Waltz Take) The Magneto Flobe
Scofield Matters 6 w/Art Lip & Richard Ruttenberg Andrew Austin
Umbrella Weeps (The Penelopes' cover) Painted Veil
The Flobehead Lullaby (Last Hurrah Take) The Magneto Flobe
Pearls of Wisdom ~Act of Insight Opera Comique
I'm Falling (Throdgie: vocals and lyrics / kappi: music) kloudworks
Mixx&Matt-Frankenstein(Original Mix) Mixx&Matt
Mixx&Matt-Ibiza Night(Original Mix) Mixx&Matt
Abandoned On Dancefloor~MWP, CrisG, Matt Meadows, Chris Paul Jenni
Misty Mountain Hop"Led Zeppelin cover" Toad Strangler
THE SUN NEVER SHINES FOR ME - STE VAN AND TIHO 2nd edit The HillBilly Clinton Clan A.K.A. Un-American House
Do Anything by Joe Williams (Guitar Piano Vox Harmonica) Joe Williams - Thompson
In The Rain ~ Sean Roberts & Marsh Branch StoneLucky
I Reach Out feat. Castigo Pedro Dimande 2010 Wood's Studio's
WEREWOLVES OF LONDON first edit Kaleidoscopic Data Frame
Words Among Friends (lyrics: Jim / music: kappi) kloudworks
Something Beautiful by F MacMahon & Kloudworks kloudworks
24 Storeys (Julian Wilson: Lyrics / kappi: music) kloudworks
If This Song Doesn't Kill Me (Julian Wilson: lyrics / kappi: music) kloudworks
Animated Gifts (Featuring Darren - SpectrumOne - Chilton) ProgRockDan1