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Traces of Lace

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I Put a Spell on you Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound
The Thrill is Gone ( Album Version ) Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound
"You Can Leave your Hat on" Frontline and the Brotherhood of Sound
Over The Rainbow (ft.Oliver) DuSeane
Child of the Opera Comique Opera Comique
Rest For a While - Buzzotronic ft. Lace & Elena Farmers & Devils
Bluegrass Mountain (Tiho &. Miro) Tiho
Around the Sun (new Mix II) Dīlee♡Diana Lee
Ionesco's Circus of the Mind Salariatus
Gulf Breezes (to my friends, da bois) Salariatus
Mein Ding feat. Naffu boi 2009 Wood's Studio's
Stop talkin' feat. Eva Rivera-Ferrell, Cece F.Bby & Stephano Theo 2011 Remix Wood's Studio's
You know for sure feat. Naffu boi 2009 Wood's Studio's
2 Worlds feat. 2Numb2c, Joze : MC´Jota emE & Lucas Rimador 2011 Wood's Studio's
Radiance of Implicit Part II feat.Pamela Grigg Black ( Demo 2012 ) Wood's Studio's
Bläh ( Was wollt Ihr von mir ) feat. Du.Play.D Wood's Studio's
You know for sure (Monkey Mix) feat. Naffu boi 2009 Wood's Studio's
I want to fly ( Low-flying Remix ) feat. Pamela Grigg Black 2011 Wood's Studio's
Next Generation ( LebEnsZeit ) feat. ♥GuNDi♥ 2013 Wood's Studio's
LITTLE ANGEL FROM FAR AWAY by VITTORIO GERLINI (feat by healingcolors) healingcolors
Dakota Woman (Extract) BG Rider Band Julian Wilson
Turn this room into a studio Da Predator 1 in the game
Use Me (West Tampa Style Ft. Baluja) The Magneto Flobe
Freight Train (cover collab. with Joe Jaunty) Cathie Fredrickson
The Bells Fell Silent- collab. Andreas Schumacher/ instrumental-vocals, Cathie/lyrics-vocals Cathie Fredrickson
Vem Kan Segla with Joe Jaunty and Bo Standell Cathie Fredrickson
Fun-Love 2006-Hit Factory Productions Vincent Pablo
Holy Water(Joe Jaunty Song!) Scrumpy the Flea
Born to be free(Dedicated to C. Mayfield) Vincent Pablo
Together(Scrumpy music+voice) Vincent Pablo
Release(Single-feat. Fiona MacMahon) Vincent Pablo
Kandi (Album Mix Ft. DMoney & Helium Brefff) The Magneto Flobe
EvEry 1`s a winner GuNDiRoCk -Vocals/ Karaoke GuNDiRoCk
Life Ain't Easy (With Nix/Exploderamera and Ewen Allardyce) PRD.Vocals
Veni Vedi Vici (with Dick Oorlab) PRD.Vocals
It Won't Matter (What I Put Together) Tom Hedrick
Romeo & Juliette ~the Fianale Dianne Schlotterlein
Drunk As A Skunk On Your Funk - (PhilM 2013) Earth Horse
Do You Wanna Dance/ Voulez-Vous Danser DestinationDawn
The Abstract Truff (Part 3 Final Waltz Take) The Magneto Flobe
Scofield Matters 6 w/Art Lip & Richard Ruttenberg Andrew Austin
Umbrella Weeps (The Penelopes' cover) Painted Veil
The Flobehead Lullaby (Last Hurrah Take) The Magneto Flobe
Pearls of Wisdom ~Act of Insight Opera Comique
I'm Falling (Throdgie: vocals and lyrics / kappi: music) kloudworks