Half Stack Heart Attack's Favorites

Half Stack Heart Attack

89 Songs • 398 min

What ya gonna do about it? The Joy Evelation
SHUT UP (sit your drunk ass down) Blind Reaction
Escaped Band Promo Escaped the Complete Journey Experience
"Down In Misssissippi" studio version Route 64
A Change Is Gonna Come ft. Derek Miller Jana Mashonee
Giuseppesaurus The People Eater No Way Out
"CHANGE" | The Official Video Release Song Right To Fall
Dressed In Black - 2010 Self-Titled EP A PIECE OF THE ACTION
A King's Ransom - 2010 Self-Titled EP A PIECE OF THE ACTION
Summertime in the Suburbs The Honey Wilders
Amarillo Sleeps On My Pillow Fair To Midland
Kind Of Blue, Live at THE ALE HOUSE The Legendary RT and Friends
carrot planavan (tribute to Sabbath and Dimebag) ISSA
Caught In A Crosswind - Clay Just Another Cat With A Guitar
Sleep It Off - Old Version Green River Ordinance
Here's To Real ( Written by Olivia Gracey) Danny Green
Team America (America Fuck Yeah) SIN THEOREM
Come On Lucy (Let Your Fingers Bleed, 2006) Tommy Katona Jr.
Dream Theater - Another Day Dream Theater