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Fünfjahresplan (live/Illu12) Versuchsanordnung
Monstalein (3 different moods of small monsters) Versuchsanordnung
All that Sound (from 2007 EP "Jazzy chillsounds from Cologne") Breeze
Indianersommer (improvisation) Versuchsanordnung
Sentimental Mood (Demo Mix) Yucca Rose
Si Te Contara (Fania All Stars) Willie Colón
Corazón Guerrero ~Willie Colón (Corazón Guerrero CD) Willie Colón
Вера Брежнева - Я здесь Vera Brezhneva
Вера Брежнева - Не беги за мной Vera Brezhneva
Вера Брежнева - Sexy Bambina Vera Brezhneva
Neulich eines Abends (Live/illu12) Versuchsanordnung
Cause we ve ended as lovers Tregua Jazz
Episode DreiZwo (impro/live) Versuchsanordnung
Trotor (duo improvisation) Versuchsanordnung
Nachtfahrt (live / illu12) Versuchsanordnung
sad dreams (the colours in you) m'tinara
some morning sung (the colours in you) m'tinara
doubt - the jewel of distinction (the colours in you) m'tinara
fidgety (the colours in you) m'tinara
colours (the colours in you) m'tinara
Dum Dum (improvisation / CD Outtake) Versuchsanordnung
Jagged Jazz (Experimental Jazz) Otto Tahouri
Good Noise Bad Noise vs. Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel
Guru Nanak - Raag Bageshri Shivpreet Singh
Please Speak Slower by Russell Thorpe Black House Improvisors' Collective
Cyclical Connotations by Chris Burnett [MOCK-UP] Black House Improvisors' Collective
Morning Light, Her Hair Across The Pillow River Cow Orchestra ~ chill jazz ~
Best Burrito In The World River Cow Orchestra ~ chill jazz ~
Quando Quando Quando (Live in Japan) KIKE GOYA
Por enquanto (Renato Russo) ROSE MORENNA
Todo céu e essas pequenas coisas Numismata
lake - never endless me (circles) m'tinara
think BIC! - BeEyeSee (circles) m'tinara
B Vector (live at illu12) Versuchsanordnung
The Jade Emperor 玉皇大天尊寶誥 Dreamwalkers Project
Song of the Vipers (Armstrong) Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Endeavor (Live at The Grog Shop 4/2/11) Orrery
Miles Beyond (Live at The Grog Shop 4/2/11) Orrery
In The Valley ~ from Somerset released 2005 ILYA
Schogorette (improvisation) Versuchsanordnung
Ubu Imperator (improvisation) Versuchsanordnung
Ewiges Eis (improvisation) Versuchsanordnung
Dschungelfestung (improvisation / CD-Outtake) Versuchsanordnung
Markusforte (improvisation / CD-Outtake) Versuchsanordnung
Gerhard Richter (improvisation/CD-Outtake) Versuchsanordnung
Neuschnee (improvisation/live) Versuchsanordnung
Kalim kalim (improvisation/live) Versuchsanordnung
Hyperventilation (improvisation) Versuchsanordnung
Knisterkatze (improvisation) Versuchsanordnung
Fearful nightmare at the drinking party Damien The Demon
Chewy ReMix Ft. Todd Uno & Red Zone The L.E.O.
"Mademoiselle chante le bluse" Zhanna Wilde
On Some Hood - Prod.By NuNation YBe Phame
The Muse & Me by 3rd Street Syndicate Bird Berd Buurd
edzer - 3rd mov, music by Cesar Viana Cesar Viana
The Love of the Lord Endures Glorify
The Dirigible (theme from) Purple Johnson Blimp Situation
Keep Christmas in Your Heart Dreamwalkers Project
Down South L.A *(Instrumental) NuNation Productions (PRODUCERS)
Im Dunkeln kann man Sterne sehn Versuchsanordnung
Makabimaus (Balkonien Filmmusic) Versuchsanordnung
Spirit Of The Risen_Kyoshiro Kyoshiro
Frenchman in Russia (La Version Sexy) Jacquescoley®
Sunshower (J.Bolton, guitar duo) The Jon Bolton Quartet
09 - Pump it! - Arti EmErGency A.F.A. for Africa