Leila A's Favorites

Leila A

53 Songs • 247 min

Beautiful Desire - Action In Inaction (2012) Telesma
Death Better Take Me Dancing Lara Ewen
Serious Crime (written by L.Marlowe/S.Thomas) Linda Marlowe
Governors Blues (CD: Anger Grows) Kerry Leigh
I Was Abandoned On The Dancefloor feat. Jenni French MikeWhitePresents
I Was Abandoned On The Dancefloor (CrisG Remix) MikeWhitePresents
God's Blues (The Same Mistake) MikeWhitePresents
Go Straight On Your Way The Blue Mountain Project
You Are Forgiven - Anthony Hicks Feat KP Produced/Written by A.Hicks Ryan KP
African Skies by J. Holmes featuring Gary Thomas sax Joel Holmes
Butterflies in the Sunlight Randy Stahla: Animations & Soundscapes Producer
Adventure Sylvie Perron; Papasoff, Claude Ranger, Steve Amirault, George Mitchell, Sylvie Perron Sylvie Perron
Lunatic World (preformed by Marek Starx) IANDSON