Playing To Vapors / Press

“#1 Music Video of 2015”

"There can be, at times, an ethereal quality to Playing to Vapors’ music." 2016 Bands To Watch, Columbus, Ohio

“Columbus-based alternative act Playing To Vapors are building an empire with their unique blend of groove-based atmospheric rock. Their latest EP A Glitch In A Void is out this April and acts as a departure for the band, who are drawing a growing fanbase and steady amount of critical acclaim.”

“On the band’s moody, atmospheric new EP, A Glitch In A Void, the frontman handles these words like molding clay, bending, stretching and shaping notes in a gorgeous falsetto equally capable of knee-buckling power (dig the way he soars into the chorus of “Giant Conspiracy”) and heartrending fragility (the wordless moan that kicks off the spacious “You Never Seem Sorry When You’re Gone”).”

“Columbus, Ohio five-piece Playing to Vapors’ brand of AltRock is a particularly enigmatic one, soaring on an airy ambiance full of crafty rhythms, hypnotic, progressive guitar lines and vocals that recall the elastic brilliance of the late, great Jeff Buckley (fans of U.K. arena rockers Muse will also find the band’s soulful, high-ceilinged sound thoroughly engaging). The group put out its first EP, Identities, in 2012 and, after a series of single releases, recently followed it up with the excellent A Glitch in a Void EP. Named for a phrase one of the band member’s musician father used to describe a lightly attended gig, Playing to Vapors shouldn’t face many similar situations as word continues to spread about its magnetic music. The sky’s the limit for this talented quintet.”

“Identities is a masterpiece, and Columbus should pay attention.”