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"The great thing about Plastic Barricades is that each of their songs is so intricately structured that it becomes a living thing, and its listening experience grows and matures as you do. Current fans will be more than pleased and newcomers will be able to easily sink into the lush sounds and vibrant melody of “Needles in Haystacks”.

“Upbeat and romantic but touched with down-to-Earth realism, Plastic Barricades music is the kind that we all wordless agree on; the sort that has a purpose, or a message. Their lyrics are honest without labouring the point, and citing influences from Keane to Oasis they seek to chronicle life in the “troubled yet fascinating” 21st Century.”

“Plastic Barricades new single "Needles in Haystacks " combines an eclectic wall of sound with a direct texture signature that can't help but move your spirt and show you the way out of that Monday morning slum! The shear energy this band makes ,is enough to take the listeners notice. A fondness for a top tune with a garage guitar pop hook. What not to like ?”

Jackson Cooper - Riviera FM, August 2015:

“20 questions: an exclusive interview with Plastic Barricades on JamSphere”

“About "Masterminds": The track features an eclectic blend of sounds and really response to the same ethos that made acts like The Cure, Depeche Mode, and dare I say Oingo Boingo popular. The band does something that others aren’t, and that’s following their own path to the greatness of musical iconography.”

“I love the layered tones, musical interludes, and lyricism that works to paint a broad picture of so much classic and iconic musical moments. It’s by far one of the best singles I’ve heard from the independent music world, and I hear a lot.”

“With easy-going harmonies coupled with inspired production, Plastic Barricades have come up with a delightful song to listen to when you need a little inspiration to be your own personal “mastermind of everyday”.”

“Plastic Barricades has something important to say; the lyrics caress, sooth and enlighten. I think this is a pivotal single for the band, demonstrating both a progression and maturity in terms of playing and song writing. It’s going to be very interesting to see where they go from here…when the new album finally arrives!”

““Masterminds” - a creative peak in terms of sonic arrangement”

““Masterminds” is a pivotal single for the band. Once again Plastic Barricades have produced music rich in layered imagery, musical atmosphere and melodic sweetness, with the band reaching something of a creative peak in terms of sonic arrangement.”

““Masterminds” – Rich in Layered Imagery, Musical Atmosphere and Melodic Sweetness”

“In the sludge that most of today’s popular music is, it is fantastic to have “Masterminds” come out. First of all, the music on this single is simple and crafted to perfection. The chord progressions and guitar phrasing is amazingly clean, unique and tasteful. The swells, builds and moods the music and vocals creates, brings the song up to an impressive level.”

““Masterminds” shows a band very comfortable with who they are and their abilities. The song here comprises a certain non-angst that seems quite the contrary of today’s insecure world. The lyrics about self-determination, security, trust in others, and the choice to move ahead and uplift yourself is both powerful and credible.”

"Masterminds" review: This is a very relaxing piece of music, straight away it has the ability to put the listener in a laid back frame of mind. It has a calming aura about it, with powerful lyrics, and soulful guitar work keeping a well balanced rhythm thoughtout the song. Rating 9/10

“This is music for the summer sun – vocalist Dan Kert has a soothing tone which doesn’t need any edge or grit and relies entirely on a rather pleasant character. Behind his voice guitars and keyboards swirl away whilst the bass frolics along in an upbeat manner so often overlooked on tracks like this. By the time the intro ends you can tell these guys were brought up in a world where Ocean Colour Scene, James and bands of that ilk were garnering significant levels of radio play, and I’m sure they’re all well aware of the classic All Saints track ‘Pure Shore‘. And ‘Shine!‘ is indeed pure – it doesn’t rely on the doom and gloom that fuels so many young bands.”

“Uplifting, summery, and laced with happy feelings, Plastic Barricades don’t hold back on the good times with their latest single, ‘Shine’. Starting off sounding like a mid-nineties Cardigans number, the chilled out acoustic guitars on ‘Shine’ pave the way for a slice of summery joy, with flecks of harmonics here and there. Plastic Barricades’ influences hardly need mentioning, although there’s certainly a good dose of Stone Roses, The Verve, and Keane. ‘Shine’ pays tribute to classic britpop from its opening swells to its final bars, not least on the track’s climax with soaring vocals, blustering guitars, and its ever so sweet conclusion. Keep an eye out for Plastic Barricades, new on the scene but full of potential. In an age where dubstep and hip-hop dominates the horizon, it’s often hard for bands like the Barricades to get noticed, but if ‘Shine’ is anything to go by, they’ve got the ability to kick out some strong tunes. Check them out.”

“The band’s latest single “Shine!” just feels so good. The title of the song itself is just so positive and full of life and energy. The song begins with lush lead guitar lines and a bright rhythm guitar that drives the entire song. Dan’s vocals are melodic and heartfelt: his style slightly make me think of bands such as Feeder, another great British act. Plastic Barricades have great hooks, great melodies and a really cool concept to work with … really curious about what the future holds for these guys!”

“Plastic Barricades does it again with "Shine." A hybrid of rock, pop and alternative. Beautifully constructed masterpiece. Amazing vocals, lyrical content, production and instrumentation. This ensemble hits yet another home run with a fierce track. This new release is inspirational and provocative. It would not be a surprise if this record was chosen for a big budget, award winning feature film. A must listen + download. Their immense talent, marketability and innovation has earned them another spot on our ‪360WatchList‬.”

“These guys are going to be BIG!”

Tom Cannon - Croydon Radio

““Shine!” is bound to resonate with listeners. It’s warm and inviting, densely layered with harmonies, and beautifully soothing. On this single The band further develop their melancholic pop sound in favor of even warmer instrumentation, and a more intimate melody. Plastic Barricades don’t overwhelm you with their creativity but offer it in dabs and strokes like an artist and his brush. More than sounds, they create moods, which are even harder to resist. “Shine!” is another confirmation that more cutting edge material is to follow from these highly talented musicians.”

"Beautifully weird!"

James Brister - Amour Music

“About "Shine!": "I really like this track, it’s got a shimmering, summery feel about it and it brightened up my afternoon! Well done, sounds superb too"”

Jon Kelly - Sine.FM

“Plastic Barricades, a shimmering indie band channeling 90s Britpop”

“Each and every song can solidly stand alone, yet as complete package, it is painstakingly and exhaustively gorgeous. You will like this if you appreciate clever songwriting with an attention to both coherent melody and harmonic originality. "Tree of Ideas EP" is simply an astonishing album. I believe “Radar ON/OFF” and “Airborne” to be the best songs, but the craftsmanship throughout the album is amazing. They don’t show their full hand at the beginning of a song, but rather compose workmanlike verses that build up to really shimmering, climactic high points. Dan’s voice is hauntingly beautiful, especially when he reaches for the higher notes and delivers it with accuracy and passion. Plastic Barricades is confident in its ability to write touching, meaningful songs with strong melodies and decent lyrics, and this earnestness and charm works wonders on listeners It is astounding to hear that wonderful and melancholic music like this can still be made with such serene dept”

"Plastic Barricades is on the path to greatness. A mixture of rock, electro and alternative. Great production, vocals and instrumentation. Eerie vocals make your heart tremble. This ensemble will most likely sell out their tour. Definitely one of the best infused rock artists we have heard in a long time. Their creativity and sound has landed them a spot on our 360 Watch List".

"Shimmering bass and ringing guitars Meaningful lyrics healing your scars Heart-breaking beat put on repeat Mystical keyboards make us complete Curious, happy, honest and sad Future of mankind makes us gloomy and mad Don’t try to run, nowhere to hide There is no escape from our little Plastic Tribe" - Dan Kert in an interview for Echoes&Dust magazine

"Tree of Ideas EP" review: "Great ideas all around. There's a poppy-ness that's bouncy but also a strangeness that tempers it. The grooves are interesting and I like the keys being added in not the usual indie context". "I really think there's a lot of good work here - you guys have a solid foundation".

James Moore - Independent Music Promotions