Plane Without A Pilot / Press

“Brutally efficient pop-punk.”

"Plane Without a Pilot's new single certainly sounds good, with crisp sounding production full of chiming guitars and rich vocal harmonies."

"This trio might just be your go-to pop-punk band in San Diego whose name doesn't end with 182"

"Plane Without a Pilot is just an amazing punk band out of San Diego..."

"They’ve got good melodies and shit."

“There's a lot of talk going around about an "emo revival". And I don't know if this applies to Plane Without a Pilot, but their heart-on-sleeve indie-rock tunes definitely give me that vibe. And that's a good thing.”

“Gower has great hair”

“Gower is very good on the guitar — talented well above the superficial pop of the band. Fans adore hometown punk, and Plane Without a Pilot is easily one of the better ones playing it. They’re young and feisty...”

“This band will melt your fuckin' face off. I haven't heard a bad song from this band.”