Planet Ink / Press

"Planet Ink's track "Honest John" slithers on a grimy groove reminiscent of '70s Aerosmith and Alice Cooper."

Matt Wake - AL.com

"Thems kids is like a punk rock Grand Funk...if the Funk were actually good instead of boring!"

Eric Gebhardt - Blues in London

"Planet Ink is showing the North Alabama region just what an energetic rock and roll group can do when the inspiration takes hold."

Dave Nelson - Flor-Ala

"To say these young men are good would be a gross understatement. These guys have it together and can rival any rock band of any age."

Tannehill Trader

"The next big thing in rock...it's unforgettable!"

Osborne Ink - Left In Alabama

“Saying Planet Ink’s music is high-energy is an understatement — their song 'Buttercup' should be the soundtrack for a major motion picture’s opening-scene bank heist.”

Andrew Johnson - Nashville Scene

"A super high energy live act...Planet Ink are making a name for themselves fast, very fast."

Jerry Henry - Planet Weekly