PJ Talbot / Press

“If it wasn't for music and the people who take time to make it happen, it would be a dull world. Thanks to people such as yourselves, it is a rich world we live in !! ”

JD West - JD west

“Listening to your music is like eating very good chocolate!! Yummy!”

Deborah Pira - Deborah Pira

“Hey PJ - I think all your songs are fantastic! If I had to pick a favourite it would be "4&6", reminds me a little of Fleetwood... [more]”

buskalaska - Buskalaska

"Beautiful Guitar playing, great Feeling!" -D. Smith

-D. Smith jazz guitarist N.B.

“Smooth, Really Smooth. If your in the mood for some nice jazz with awesome guitar tones, this is a great choice!”

B. Devins

“I love " Tiger Lily"! Best wishes!! Emily”

Emily Chappell

“Loved your music and Guitar playing, especially "4&6" great use of octaves and harmonics. Today I became a fan ! Please keep making that great music ! -D. Smith”

D. Smith

“ listening to all your great music again and find this song/work-truly a little jewel keep shining peace Tompaz”


“A real funky mix of Jazz,Soul and Blues, Pats music will get under your skin !”

the t.g.t.