PJ Parker / Press

“The level of comfort that Parker has with these classic songs is impressive in its depth. She knows them inside and out and is keenly aware of how to make them seem new again.”

All About Jazz

"PJ Parker has a sweet and very musical voice and her singing is full of honest emotions and subtle improvising."

LA Jazz Scene

"Accolades do go to her own "Love is a Logistical Thing." The catchy lyrics and charming, lightly swinging vocal are a pleasure." "Dreams Are Meant for Two is a lovely song, full of genuine emotion. She does it justice in her soft, rich voice."


"PJ makes every note and phrase a personal experiment ... rises above the sea of promising vocalists as a true jazz singer who warrants serious attention.”

Jazz Police

"This is an 'exercise without a net,' from which she emerges with much mastery and grace."

Jazz Hot, Paris, France

"Her vocal renderings of old standards and new compositions is unique and instantly personal."

Skope Magazine

" ... the artist brings considerable craft and color to each word and tone, making it a pleasure to absorb the emotional highs and lows ... Those who favor sophisticated jazz stylings will find much to love here."

Christmas Review